If you are looking for reliable PAT Testing electricians in Essex, then look no further than P. Carter Electrical and Building Contractors. We will be more than happy to assist you with any electrical needs that you may have, including PAT Testing. We are able to carry out a wide range of services to ensure the safety, satisfaction and compliance of your portable appliances. By offering a professional PAT testing service, we can give you the peace of mind that your appliances are both environmentally safe and economically viable.

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Though there are no set rules and regulations for the testing schedules of Portable Appliances, a proper maintenance schedule can help to avert any accidents occurring as a result of a fault or defect. The list of appliances coming under PAT is extensive, and most are a part of our everyday routines, such as hair-dryers, food mixers, computers, vacuum cleaners, drill machines, etc. PAT testing should be an integral part of your Health and Safety policy. When you employ staff that use electrical appliances regularly, your appliances are used at external venues or let out, regular PAT testing will determine whether or not an appliance is safe to use, which can help to avoid causing serious damage to lives and property.

Many business owners do not fully understand the importance of PAT testing, because if a mishap does occur as a result of the appliance and it is subsequently proved that it has not be PAT tested, it could create problems for insurance claim procedures. The claim will ultimately be denied and the owner could face prosecution for their negligence.

Our aim at P. Carter Electrical and Building Contractors is to provide all our clients with efficient services, complying with the European rules and regulations, and taking the necessary steps to prevent avoidable problems from arising from the use of such equipment. Regular PAT testing from our experienced electricians will protect your staff and clients from injuries, protecting you against any liability arising out of accidents in the workplace.

The electricians employed at P. Carter Electrical and Building Contractors are fully qualified, registered and qualified. They are fully aware of the needs of PAT testing differs with every environment and appliance, whether it is a school, office, public premises or factory, we always offer an appropriate solution. We offer effective solutions to all the electrical needs for clients throughout, and also in and around Tilbury and Thurrock. We are a ESA, ELECSA and Part P electricians safety qualified company.