Electrical Testing Essex

Regular PAT Testing is vital to ensure that electronic appliances are safe be used by you and your employees. Give yourself the peace of mind that your appliances are not faulty, and will not potentially cause damage to your personnel and property. Electrical testing in Thurrock and PAT Testing includes a visual inspection of equipment; seeing if the flexible cables are in good condition, verification of grounding (earthing), inspecting the insulation between the current carrying parts, and checking for any exposed metal that could be touched.


PAT testing is important for all types of businesses, including offices, schools, local government and council premises, factories, retail premises, care homes, night clubs, hotels, shops, etc. If you are looking for a reliable commercial electrical contractor who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer free estimates and insurance quotes, then P. Carter Electrical and Building Contractors have experienced  local electricians to help you with any electrical issue may have.

Whether domestic electricians, commercial electricians or industrial electricians, we are able to carry out all forms of electrical works, from the design of electrical systems through to their installation, as well as the routine maintenance of electrical installations. When you have any work undertaken by P. Carter Electrical, you have the assurance our workforce approach each project with the finest attention to detail and all the correct safety precautions are taken.


They have are conversant with the latest electrical regulations, and are up-to-date on all environmental and technological issues. Customer service is incredibly important to us, so you can always expect an honest, reliable and professional service for great value for money.

Electrical testing varies depending on the electrical appliance, however, the most common tests are:

Electrical Fault Finding and Repairs

Electrical Testing and Inspections

Oven and Appliance Installations

Periodic Inspection Reports

Earth Resistance Test

Earth Continuity Test

Insulation Resistance Test

Polarity Checks

Plugs Checks

P. Carter Electrical can help with installations for any light, heating or cooling requirement, and always deliver an exceptional standard of work. Along with electrical installation, we provide on-going maintenance, inspections and testing of equipment to ensure your machinery is operating at its optimum capacity.