P. Carter Electrical services provide Industrial Electrical Services to industrial clients throughout Essex and London with a dedicated industrial electrician service.

We provide an extensive range of installations for any light, heating and cooling requirements that you may have as well as security systems.

Industrial Lighting

We can provide light fitting services for any kind of industrial light including LEDs, fluorescent fittings, and high bay/ low bay discharge lighting.

As lighting is a large expense in an industrial setting, we are able to advise you on the most cost-effective methods for lighting your space and make the transfer for you.

We can also suggest more effective methods for lighting your industrial setting such as adding motion sensors, security lighting and emergency lighting.

This can significantly reduce your energy bills and ensure the continued safety and security of your site.

Industrial Heating and Cooling

Whatever your industry, heating and cooling are likely to have a significant effect on your processes and keeping your buildings and equipment at the correct temperature is vital.

Our electrical engineers isolate problems and ensure that all your electrics are in full working order so that all your systems can operate at full capacity without incident.

Industrial heating systems can be quite complex and maintaining the correct temperature requires a delicate balance.

Our technicians are all experts in heating and cooling systems and will be able to fine tune your equipment without a problem.

Close Attention to Detail

Our close attention to detail and expertise in electrical services guarantees that we achieve a high standard of work.

All our Industrial Electrical Services experts are fully trained and capable of dealing with any electrical issues that may arise, as well as improve existing systems to prevent potential faults.

As many industrial systems are required to work around the clock, we ensure that your systems are back up and running at their optimum speed as soon as possible.

We understand the importance of working diligently and our team have undergone extensive training and development.

Maintenance and Testing

Regular maintenance is part of our Industrial Electrical Services and are always a much more cost effective way of working than waiting for something to go wrong.

As electrical systems age, it is important that they are tested regularly and thoroughly.

This is essential for preventing foreseeable problems as well as detecting issues before they can become faults.

As well as providing electrical installation, we provide on-going maintenance, inspections, and testing of your equipment.

This ensures that your machinery and property can operate at its optimum capacity, at all times.

A safe working environment is always of paramount importance.

We will advise you where changes can be made to keep your employees safe when working with electrical equipment.