The sole purpose of fire alarm testing is to protect people, property and assets. But even the best designed fire alarm systems can be rendered useless when improperly maintained or simply neglected. Age, environmental factors, voltage fluctuations are the main culprits for system failure or the cause of false alarms.  Just looking at a system superficially, it impossible to determine whether the system is operational or has the probability of malfunctioning. Proper testing, regular inspections and an appropriate maintenance schedule are instrumental in minimising any faults from occurring, which could potentially endanger lives.



Aside from keeping the alarm system at its optimum operating performance, these schedules ensure reduced expenses by preventing unforeseen emergency repairs or costly false alarms. To prevent this from happening, regular testing and inspections by trained specialists will guarantee an efficient system response in the event of an emergency. P Carter Electrical and Building Contractors have built a reputation for being amongst the most reliable electricians in Essex.


During the maintenance and repair process, we ensure there is minimal disruption or inconvenience caused to your schedule and the operation of your business. Prior to testing your fire alarms, we will carefully survey the property, the system and the equipment on site. Apart from handling the evident problems, we will look to pinpoint any potential problems or faults. We will always alert you to any issues that we encounter and discuss them with you before fixing the problem.


When you decide to hire P Carter Electrical and Building Contractors, you have the assurance that all work is undertaken by a fully qualified, experienced and expert electrician. The company ensures that all of the fire alarm work undertaken is fully in accordance with the European rules and regulations. Furthermore, we are registered with the ECA, ELECSA and Part P Electricians.

“We are able to undertake routine fire alarm checks, as well as providing responsive maintenance, to keep all our clients safe, satisfied, and compliant.”

Our skilled workforce is able to perform all types of work on fire alarms for domestic, commercial and industrial customers throughout Essex. We are experts in the installation, maintenance and repair of all types of fire alarm systems and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event of emergencies. Offering a wide range of packages for maintenance schedules, we are able to deal with projects of all sizes for a highly competitive price. Call P Carter Electrical and Building Contractors today and hire the most reliable electrical contractors in and around Essex, Tilbury and Thurrock.